【PR】BFH Limited battles for beginner set units

Brave Frontier Heroes

【PR】BFH Limited battles will be held for beginner set units.

This is a user event.

BFH beginners are welcome to join!

Date and Time
June 30, 2024, 22:00- (JST)

I am preparing lots of prizes!
So much so that if you participate, you get some kind of prize!
I have prepared prizes that can be won even by users just starting out!

Powerful sphere is available.
I’ll probably give them out to all participants, so feel free to join this.
These spheres are NFT.

Winner gets total BPCP!
6400 BPCP if the maximum number of participants!

BFH beginners are welcome to join!
Participate in tournaments and you will win prizes!

There will also be a live stream on YouTube.
(It will be delivered in Japanese.)

Watching the distribution will give you a chance to get an additional U-Unit Summoning Ticket Set, in addition to the battle prizes.
(This is a limited number.)

If you purchased a beginner’s set, please join us!

How to Participate

1.Contact sui with your user ID
2.Participate in the tournament

This is the only way to participate!

Please reply to the following post with your brehro player ID to join the tournament.

We will contact you with the tournament password about 2 days before the tournament.
Once you receive the notice, join the tournament!

The URL of the player ID contact post is as follows

Rules of battle

Units must use only the beginner set

Please choose 5 of your favorite units to form a party!

Starter Set Contents
Thank you for playing Brave Frontier Heroes. Announcing the contents of the Starter Set available for purchase with Gems in the game. ✅Back…

Be sure to choose from the beginner set.
If you do not choose from the beginner set, you will not be eligible for prizes.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Twitter or discord!